We guide parents, students, and educators to lead inspired lives.

We are a beacon of light for our youth, and for those parenting and teaching them. Our programming welcomes you exactly as you are while enhancing your learning, parenting, and teaching. Together, we shift our educational paradigm from fear to love, fulfilling our mission of becoming inspired teachers, parents and students.

What does it mean
to be inspired?

inspire dictionary meaning

v. To guide or affect by divine influence. 2. To fill with high emotion: exalt. 3. To stimulate creativity or action. 4. Encourage, elate, motivate, stir.

We Welcome You Exactly As You Are

At the Center for Inspired Education our goal is for you to live in a way so that you are your own inspiration. But wait, what about Oprah? Be your own Oprah, Lao Tzu, or Martin Luther King, Jr. Learn from them, follow them humbly, and at the same time rise up and aim to live a life of enlivening authenticity, radical honesty, mesmerizing mindfulness and serious service. Does the thought of living this way excite you or exhaust you? If it excites you, right on. If it exhausts you, just know that living this way actually takes a whole bunch less energy than not living this way. If there is anything in which to support parents, teachers, and students, it is this.

So if you came to our website simply to get your child tutored in reading, don’t turn away. Just know that all of our programming from our soon to launch parent tele-class, our teacher February 2019 one-day retreat, and all of our student programs are infused with this higher consciousness of helping you be who you are called to be on this planet.

“I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.”

—Tracee Ellis Ross