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Director of the Center for Inspired Education, Joanie Lamb has devoted her professional life to teaching students, educators and parents how to inspire themselves to reach their fullest potential.

Joanie received her Master’s in Special Education (K-12) from Boston College, and her undergraduate degrees in Elementary Education, Special Education (K-6), and Philosophy from Boston College. She has taught students with learning differences, ADD/ADHD, behavioral challenges, and various types of developmental differences in public and private settings, including the Lab School of Washington, DC, the first school for students with learning differences in the nation. Besides being an experienced classroom teacher and tutor, Joanie has been a teacher trainer, educational diagnostician, educational therapist, and a special education department chairperson. She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory reading approach. Joanie is also trained as a Presence-Based Life Coach which has enabled her to work more deeply with her clients and to include presencing and somatics which have been vital to her own transformation.

After graduating from college, Joanie went San Vito, Costa Rica, to “save the world”, starting a special education program at a high school where students with developmental disabilities simply stayed home. What she discovered that year, was that she had a 6 months of giving capacity. After 6 months, she was toast. Humbly she came to learn that to sustain service she needed to have God fuel her endeavors and to learn what practices kept her connected and inspired. She began her life of prayer and meditation, and having a practical, loving relationship with God. This crucial turning point in her life is the foundation for the Center for Inspired Education.

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Other interesting facts about Joanie:

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She lived in Auroville, a spiritual community in southeast India, with her 9 month old, 3 year old and 6 year olds sons where she mothered and taught English.

joanie lamb family

She taught at the excellent Key School in Asheville, NC for students with dyslexia, where 2 of her 3 sons attended. Of course, she had no idea when entering this career that her children would have dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD.

joanie lamb family

Her inspiration to devote much of her career to special education, came from teaching her sister, Honey, who has developmental disabilities, including cerebral palsy, in their “classroom” on the back porch of their family home.

joanie lamb family

In her 20s and 30s she was an avid rock climber and mountaineer and reached her goal with rock climbing one weekend, and three days afterwards found out she was pregnant. She felt complete hanging up her climbing shoes, (certainly not because a parent needs to!)