Free to Be You

Brilliant sunshine. Vivid green forest. Burbling creek. Add the love, creativity, presence, and there is Summer Haven Camp.

The natural world is our focus through play, walks in the woods, moments of awe, learnings about the natural world, earth art, poetry, song, and earth skills. This is rounded out with crafts, games, meditation, dance,  badminton, yoga and cooking enjoyed during the first half of the day.

In the afternoon we expand our playground to beautiful and moderate hikes, artist studios, and service projects that bring smiles.

The camp is run by Joanie Lamb, the Director of the Center for Inspired Education, who has 30 years experience as a teacher, educational therapist, in-home preschool owner/teacher, and coach for kids and teens with ADHD, ASD and Learning Differences. She is also a nature lover, fun maker and a mom of 3 teenage boys.

The lively, but grounded camp is held at her home in Asheville, NC + 150 conservation acres a few minutes walk from her home + various field trip sites.

The camp has been created to resonate with all types of children and interests, so that we have a variety of campers to make the weave of our camp session more textured and interesting. We create a safe, nurturing, strengths-based container for all of our programs, and camp will be a reflection of our motto, "Free to Be You".

teacher training inspired

Camp Honey's Hive

is a 2-day camp for those over 18 who want to have some fun, share some kindness and have developmental differences which make our time together super special. Camp Honey's Hive is named after my sister Honey who is 63 years old and lives in a group home in Charlotte; she will be attending the camp:) The camp consists of a trip to the Arboretum one day and a trip to an artist studio the next to make crafts, plus bingo, cooking, joke telling, 3-song dance, art, and games. The camp is free, but love donations are welcomed. Camp is from 10-4 meeting at John B. Lewis fields, parking lot to the left of the main building. We spend part of our day on the field trips and part at our home in East Asheville. Feel free to email or call with questions.

Camp Honey Hive - August 26 -28

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Please check back because if these weeks get filled up, we will add more weeks.