If your heart sings with the mission of the Center for Inspired Education and you are willing to live your life so that you are an inspiration to yourself and to put God first in your life then please apply for the following:

The Inspired Preschool Assistant Teacher

A preschool teacher assistant for our in-home preschool which runs Monday through Friday from 10-2. This person must possess:

  • a deep love and enthusiasm for children
  • the creativity and organization to help plan our daily circle times
  • a presence that is pleasant to the children
  • a comfort with being present in the moment, an awe for nature, and an ease with imaginative play
  • energy to play with the children
  • incredibly reliable
  • a joyful attitude, including during set up and clean up times (sweeping, mopping, doing windows, cleaning fridge, etc.)
  • ability to communicate openly and honestly and with deep respect with children, parents, and colleagues
  • willingness to participate in staff development, read/watch videos and have your own practice to encourage growth and to be the best teacher you can be
  • an openness to praying and setting intentions before the preschool day begins and at lunch and snack

Tutors and Academic Coaches

Independent contractors to offer a combination of tutoring and life/academic coaching to our tutees.

a talent of teaching/tutoring and specific subjects of mastery (math, science, history, language arts, reading, various languages, test prep, study skills, Orton-Gillingham)

  • a fierce compassion for children who learn in all ways
  • the creativity and organization to plan thoughtful tutoring sessions
  • a presence that is pleasant to the tutees
  • a comfort with being present in the moment
  • incredibly reliable
  • a joyful attitude
  • the organizational skills to be prepared for tutoring sessions, maintain a schedule, have conference with parents monthly, check in with child’s teacher(s) if necessary
  • willingness to participate in staff development, read/watch videos/and participate in your own practice on a regular basis to grow and to be inspired to be the best tutor/teacher you can be, and to do suggested self/spirit-growth assignments
  • an openness to setting intentions with tutees at the beginning of the session, teaching about growth mindset, and about in January, you must be willing to grow alongside us, meaning hours will be few at the beginning for tutors

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