Executive Functioning Skills Coaching for College Students

Smart as a whip. What does that really mean anyway? But I can’t think of another phrase that more aptly describes a student with whom I coached. She didn’t have to work that hard in high school to earn one of the coveted positions at UNC – Chapel Hill. Sadly, she had to drop out after her 1st semester due to not being able to keep up with all of the demands.

She moved back home to Asheville, NC, and enrolled in a strong local university. Her family and she wanted to make sure she got the support she needed. We did what I do with all of my EFSC clients; we went through her life with a fine tooth comb.

Success in college doesn’t happen or come as smoothly as it could if one if not sleeping enough, partying too much, socializing way more than is balanced, stressed out, not eating well/exercising enough, and having unresolved roommate issues. And for those students with learning differences, they may need more support academically, encouragement to use the resources at school, and to advocate for themselves to receive their accommodations.

I am some parents’ dream come true. My keeping up on all levels with your young adult can help parents let go more. I have great rapport with my students and check in with them between sessions to see how that paper due Tuesday is coming along, if she went to see her professor during office hours and if the new system of setting alarms is helping with time management.

Students learn (if they didn’t already know) that realizing when to get support is a sign of maturity and strength, not of weakness. My approach is very respectful, treating them like the adults they are, while helping them realize their fuller college potential.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more and I’ll be happy to discuss Executive Functioning Skills Coaching services with you.

-Joanie Lamb
The Center for Inspired Education, Asheville, NC